Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundations are the most common type of foundation used in construction and have been around for centuries. They provide a strong, durable base for buildings and other structures, and can be built to last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Concrete foundations are made up of reinforced concrete, which is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water. This combination makes it extremely strong, while still being able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes or floods. The concrete is also very versatile, as it can be formed into any shape desired.

The strength of the concrete foundation depends on its design and construction methods used. It is important to choose an experienced contractor who has experience in building concrete foundations that will stand the test of time. With proper planning and installation, a well-built concrete foundation can provide your structure with stability for many years to come.

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Types of Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundation comes in three types, namely, T-shaped, slab-on-grade, and frost protected.

Slab-on-grade Foundation

Slab-on-grade Foundation is a type of foundation that is built directly on the ground. It is an economical and durable choice for foundations in residential and commercial buildings. This type of foundation is suitable for areas with flat terrain, as it doesn’t require deep excavation or heavy machinery to construct.

Slab-on-grade foundations can be made from concrete, asphalt, or even gravel. The depth of the slab depends on the climate and soil conditions of the area where it’s being built. It also provides better insulation than other types of foundations since it’s closer to the ground surface. With proper design and construction, slab-on-grade foundations can last for many years without any major repairs or replacements.


T-shaped Foundation

This kind of foundation should be used if you’re building a building in an area where the ground freezes. A footing is positioned below the frost line to build this foundation. This footing needs to be wide in order to support the foundation’s base. After that, the walls can be built on top of the foundation. This foundation gets its name from the shape of the footing, which looks like an upside-down “T”. The footing is placed below the frost line and the walls are designed and cascaded on top.


Frost Protected Concrete Foundations

Frost Protected Concrete Foundations (FPCF) is an innovative technology that has been developed to protect concrete foundations from frost damage. This technology uses a combination of insulation, drainage and reinforcement to create a structure that is resistant to the severe weather conditions of cold climates. It can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, providing a cost-effective solution for protecting concrete foundations from frost damage. By using FPCF, builders can ensure the safety and longevity of their structures while also reducing energy costs associated with heating and cooling them. Two polystyrene sheets are utilised as insulation to build a frost-protected base. The outside of the foundation is covered with one sheet, which is positioned at the base of the wall. Heat loss is prevented by the sheets’ ability to retain heat from the building, keeping the area surrounding the footing above freezing.


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Your safety and the protection of your property can only be guaranteed by a professional. It’s dangerous to try to build something from scratch. If one isn’t a skilled bricklayer, they may easily get hurt. Contact us instead of taking a chance; we’ll take the risk to make sure you’re safe.


Cost Effective

It will be challenging for you to create a foundation budget on your own if you are not a skilled bricklayer or mason. Given that you have no prior experience in construction, you can find yourself spending too much money on unneeded items. A specialist can assist you in creating a solid budget that will enable you to save money. We offer affordable and quality concrete services.

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